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Together rather than lonely is also central in the professional context, for me and my customers, who benefit from the diversity of competences in my network.

Thoughtful anxious asian business woman


My offers can be supplemented at any time by :


Ursula Schaub

Human Design

Dominique Lötscher


Jacqueline Waser

Coaching/Organisational development


Rear view of people with placards and po


I get a lot of inspiration and support here from:  


Demokratie und Migration

Social innovation - participation 

Sophie Scheurer

Self-assertion for women and girls 

Annoyed angry disappointed customers cli


For more than 15 years, I have been working in this area with

Goelz Consulting SA

Development of organization and work force

punktgenau beraten

Facilitation, organizational development, conflicts


Mobbing and sexual harassement


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