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We are convinced that people can evolve throughout their lives and are able to live consciously, self-determinedly and responsibly if they understand themselves/their fellow human beings/a situation, if they develop goodwill for themselves and their surroundings and act accordingly. 


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Ursula Gut-Sulzer


As an assessor, I have been able to observe hundreds of people's behavior and support them as a coach in communicating and leading more effectively and authentically. As an external person of trust, I have been accompanying those seeking advice on conflicts for over twenty years; As a mentor, coach and manager, I was able to accompany and promote people. After my mediation training, I continued to train in humanistic psychology, resource-oriented coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis, human design, reiki... 



I live and work half of the time in Winterthur and Lausanne and see myself as a facilitator, between French- and German-speaking Switzerland, women and men, young and old people and various interest groups. 




As a journalist, I have observed and described changes in society for 15 years. As a facilitator, I was able to moderate numerous congresses and large groups. As a volunteer, I have worked for diversity, solidarity and education in various associations and humanitarian organizations, and I loved sensitize young people to a healthy and respectful approach to themselves and others. My interest in social trends and social innovation is unbroken.


I know work from different perspectives, as an observer (journalist), employee, freelancer, external consultant, employer, volunteer, mother... I have met countless organisations in all industries and sizes and supported employees, managers and administrators in the prevention of psychosocial risks. After my training as a mediator, I have continuously trained in alternative intervention methods, organizational development, leadership and company management. And I am also broadly networked in research and practice on the subject of the working climate.  

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